At ITA, we realize how busy you are. As an experienced title transfer company, we make the settlement process go smoothly. We do everything you would expect: search titles, complete paperwork accurately in a timely manner, administer title commitments and insurance policies, and conduct settlements at the convenience of all parties. ITA takes great pride in building lasting relationships.

Title Services

ITA provides closing and title services to lenders and brokers throughout Lancaster County and its surrounding areas.

For Lenders:
We have a broad base of experience in both residential and commercial transactions. We assist with all documentation needed to ensure that all transactions are closed accurately. Reviewing loan documentation at all levels, we can assure that borrowers leave the table knowledgeable and well taken care of.

For Brokers:
We coordinate all aspects of the closing to make sure the transaction closes as smoothly as possible, thereby creating a positive memory.

Title Searches

Integrity Transfer & Abstract, Co. provides thorough, comprehensive title searches. We ensure that all clients are provided with the most up-to-date property information.

A title search is conducted to affirm the current record owners and research all former owners over past sixty years. The search process acquires all matters that affect the current title. Mortgages, taxes, and liens are then negotiated and paid in full to produce a clear title.

In the United States, title insurance is offered to buyers of a property, which protects them from any undisclosed liens missed during the search. As a title insurance agency, ITA provides an insured report of title and issues a title insurance policy to confirm our findings in the title search in order to provide insurance on a particular parcel.

ITA performs two main types of title searches: a full coverage search and limited coverage search. The full coverage search is used in almost all transactions whether residential, commercial or agricultural. A limited search is used mostly for refinances.

Title Insurance

Title insurance ensures property owners safety and security. ITA works as an agent for several of the world’s largest and most respected title insurance companies. ITA offers reliable purchase information, insight into historic matters of importance, and the security of being a state licensed and regulated company.

As a reputable title agency, one of ITA’s most important roles is to order an insured title search of the property which reveals any matter of record affecting the chain of title and state of ownership. The title search, among other things, reveals any unsatisfied liens or claims against the property and current owners as well as the prospective buyers; however, even the most careful investigations can sometimes fail to disclose title defects. Buyers, therefore, purchase title insurance to protect  themselves and their mortgage company from defects in title that may otherwise be missed or information that was undisclosed during a thorough title examination.

ITA has the experience, financial strength, and personalized service you can depend on. We will work hard to earn and keep your trust.